Welcome to SafePass
Base Onboarding!

We're excited to set up SafePass for your establishment and help you give a safer and more stress-free experience to your visitors and employees.

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With SafePass Base, You Get:

Access to monitor a single entry/exit point for one (1) location.

Digital contact tracing list

Digital health questionnaire*

Personal QR for individual users via web and Facebook Messenger

Unlimited entry requests for visitors via web and Facebook Messenger

24/7 multi-channel customer and tech support

*Digital health questionnaires are only valid until 11:59 PM of the same day

Sign up to SafePass Base FREE!

We are offering SafePass Base for free! Please follow the steps below to register your account:


Visit base.safepass.ph/signup and enter your mobile number. Enter the one-time PIN that you will receive.


Fill-out the sign-up form. You will be asked to enter several details about your establishment.


Congratulations! You’re now all set with your account!

For a detailed guide on how to set up your dashboard, proceed here